More Awesome Azure DevOps (userscript)

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A collection of userscripts to improve the Azure DevOps UI.

Getting Started

  1. Install the Violentmonkey extension
  2. Refresh this page if you just installed this extension (or the download link won’t work)
  3. Install this userscript

By default, Violentmonkey will auto-update scripts from the original install location once a day. You can force an update from the extensions menu.


PR dashboard improvements

PR diff improvements

Better owners review (NI-only)

These features are only available in NI AzDO accounts.


Augmented build results view (NI-only)

These features are only available in NI AzDO accounts.

PREVIEW: Launch a protocol handler to diff NI Binaries

When using this userscript on Windows, a button to launch the “NI Binary Git Diff” protocol handler will be displayed.

Launch NI Binary Git Diff Button.

This button will be added to binary files with the following extensions: .vi, .vim, .vit, .ctt, .ctl.

Note: This is a preview feature. Please contact Humberto Garza (NI) for more details and instructions.

PR trophies

Trophies are awarded for notable PRs and shown in a trophies section on the Overview tab. For example:

Milestone trophy.



The update URL goes through a URL redirect service to get a rough idea of how many people are using this script. To opt-out, change the update URL to the original download URL your usescript dashboard (or disable updates). This redirect service may also help if the URL needs to change; e.g. if the file is moved or renamed.

No other data is collected. The script is sourced and updated directly from the master branch of this repo.


Inspired by a PR filtering script originally written by Tian Yu, which faded out approved PRs. Further improved by Alejandro Barreto.


MIT. Issues and pull requests welcomed ❤️